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An initiative to lead justice reform.

Did you know?

People with a substance use disorder are more likely to be jailed  than treated.

Over 50% of the US prison population-1.5 million people-have a substance use disorder.

Over 400,000 people with a mental health disorder are currently behind bars.

Without treatment, they will continue the cycle of addiction, mental illness and arrest.

Solutions are within reach

When it comes to justice system reform, the world is looking for answers and--for the first time--solutions are within reach. Never before has there been more evidence validating community-based alternatives to incarceration, more effective treatments for substance use and/or mental health disorders and more social and political will for reform.


Progress is being made but there remains a profound gap between what is known and what is done.


Advancing Justice was created to fill this gap.

The most serious issues facing justice systems around the world are rooted in the identification, assessment, and treatment of individuals with substance use disorders and mental health conditions.

Advancing Justice targets these issues by building broad coalitions, developing actionable solutions based on science, and putting policy into practice to create meaningful, lasting reform.

Advancing Justice was created by leaders of the treatment court movement at the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP). Through NADCP, Advancing Justice harnesses two decades of credibility, expertise and criminal justice leadership responsible for the creation of more than 3,000 treatment courts throughout the world.


With a constituency of 30,000 justice and treatment professionals spanning every intercept point in the justice system, from entry to reentry, Advancing Justice is positioned to lead the new era of global reform.

Advancing Justice News

Announcing the Journal for Advancing Justice

NADCP’s Advancing Justice is pleased to announce the launch of the Journal for Advancing Justice, funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance at the U.S. Department of Justice. This new journal provides justice and public health professionals, policymakers, academics, scholars and researchers a forum to share evidence-based and promising practices on the most pressing issues facing the justice…

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Octavia Spencer Electrifies Treatment Court Community

Advancing Justice launched this summer before an audience of 5,000 justice and treatment professionals during the opening ceremony of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals Annual Training Conference.   Academy Award-winning Actress Octavia Spencer delivered an electrifying speech in which she called for the end to the injustice that has plagued the justice system,…

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Meet Advancing Justice Director Melissa Fitzgerald

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